Lisa and Tati

LiloTati is a children’s swimwear brand created by Lisa Lozano. Lisa originally made her mark in women’s swimwear with her cutting-edge California brand TNA. A former model with a background in graphic design and fashion, Lisa began manufacturing her own swimsuits in 1998 with TNA. Her designs, noted for their exceptional sexy fit and original colorways, immediately drew the attention of Vogue and Sports Illustrated who featured the brand just as Lisa’s first collection hit the market. From there, the brand grew fast and steady through distribution in trendy boutiques, high end swim retailers, Victoria’s Secret Catalog, and major department stores such as Neiman-Marcus, Saks, Barney’s, and Bloomingdale’s. TNA soon earned its place as an industry leader among a handful of contemporary brands. With her career at a peak, in 2006 Lisa sold the label and traded coasts, moving with her husband to New York to begin a new life with a new baby girl: Tati.

When Tati was old enough to enjoy the beach, Lisa did what came naturally; she began designing her own miniature suits. Inspired by the prospect of creating room in a new corner of the industry, she created another line of swimwear but this time, one for kids. LiloTati was born.

LiloTati shares much of the design DNA that was central to the success of TNA. Fun, simple styles and colors coupled with comfort and flawless fits—these are the hallmarks of the line. As with TNA before, LiloTati suits are made with European fabrics and matched with a distinctly Californian style. Sewn, manufactured, and shipped from Los Angeles, LiloTati offers a swimwear line for kids that is both sweet and simple, with silhouettes that are age-appropriate yet contemporary and cool. In addition, every style is kid tested and approved by Tati and her discerning gang of cousins. Watch the video to see how they work.

Lilo Tati Swimwear is compliant with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Click here for Certificate of Compliance